Friday, May 2, 2014

Current Projects in the Works & a Sneak Peak

I have two manuscripts that I am working on, at the moment: The House That Burned and The Love Machine.

The House That Burned (which is an expansion on Living in a Lonely House) is pretty much "finished" I think, and I have sent it to a handful of presses.

The Love Mahine is in progress. I sent in part of it to Yellow Flag Press, but it has grown since I submitted it, and one of the poems I sent was accepted for the Wood Becomes Bone project. But it would be good to have a mini-chap out there by a new press. I could just publish a full-length Love Machine later, I guess, but I'd have to think of a new title for it. Or, if Yellow Flag does, in fact, accept the mini-chap, I could ask them if they'd like to look at the new stuff. What a wonderful dilemma to have!

I wrote a new poem tonight for The Love Machine, actually. I have some boyfriend angst going on at the moment, and I've had so many words stuffed in my head the last few weeks, I've felt like a Thanksgiving turkey. I'm still contemplating if I should post drafts of poems on here, or if this counts as "publishing." I don't want to piss off any literary magazines I may submit to, though I suppose if I decide to submit I can just delete the drafts later.

I've also just barely started this new Luna Luna Magazine online workshop, and I'm thinking maybe I should sit on the new poem(s) until they have been workshopped there. I just want to give people a taste of what I am working on, so this blog isn't all just event plugs and pleas for money. I guess if I want to post poems on the blog, they should be poems that have already been published somewhere. So, here is a sneak peak of a poem from Living in a Lonely House:


Sometimes happiness is a blind date
who doesn’t arrive for years.

His spade foot dragging
glass when he finally shows up
at your table. He’s a little
drunk on wine, saying he lost
his way, & he stumbles
twice as he leaves
again after only one meal.

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