Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Upcoming Publications, Events & Donation Options

The main reason I launched this blog was because of the amazing news that TWO of my full-length collections will be published next year: Dreams of the Living and Heart Full of Tinders. I will also be appearing in the zine project Wood Becomes Bone: A Mental Health Awareness Series.

All three titles will be released by ELJ Publications. I will receive royalties on the full-length books, which will be available in a variety of places, including Amazon!! (I will receive $20 upfront for the zine publication).

Some other news items:

--My chapbook Living in a Lonely House will be released by Dancing Girl Press in December.

--I was a runner-up in the Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest, which was run by the literary magazine SLAB. You can find my poem "To Love You is to Vex You Now" in their current issue, which was just released, and I just sent SLAB an audio recording of me reading the poem, so stay tuned for that.

--I have two readings coming up: One group reading at the University of Arizona Poetry Center on Thursday, May 15 at 7. I will have 5 minutes to read.

--I will also be having a reading at Casa Libre as part of the Edge Reading Series. That will be on June 18 at 7:30.

--Sometime in the Fall, I will be teaching a one day workshop also at Casa Libre entitled "Poetry as a Transformative Path." We are still ironing out the details, but I will have more information soon. I proposed to the workshop coordinators that October would be a good month.

--I also received my teaching certification from Pima Community College. I sent in my resume and applied for an adjunct faculty position in January, and they just sent the certificate to me a few months later. My name has been placed in the new applicant pool, so I don't have an actual position secured yet, but at least my name is in the system. I sent emails to the department heads at the campuses I'd be willing to teach at, but I haven't heard anything yet.

As for news on the financial side of things:

--I have set up donation buttons on both this blog and my review blog. I would be grateful even for a dollar or two, and I will send you a personal note in the mail to thank you!

--On the same note, I was lucky enough to receive a full scholarship to this year's Pima Community College Writer's Workshop weekend.

The Universe certainly seems to be working in my favor lately. I can't believe all of these things are happening. I really am so very, very blessed, and I am so thankful for all of the support I receive from my friends, my colleagues, and my fellow writers. (If you are reading this, I am speaking to YOU. Thank you, thank you)!!

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