Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hello Everyone!

I have a few exciting announcements I want to share with you!

--First, the class I taught at Casa Libre was wonderful! Thank you so much to all who attended! The lively, heartfelt discussion will hopefully fuel all of our work for a long time to come!

--I am so happy to report that I have started to work for a fellow artist, Monica Zavala Durazo, of Monica Durazo Designs, as her Social Media Coordinator, Webmaster, and Clerical Assistant. Please check out her website to see all of the beautiful visual art that she does! She works mainly in fiber arts and felt-making; she creates beautiful scarves, sculptures, and art installations. It's an honor to work for her!

--The other amazing news I have is that I have some forthcoming books in the works! Living in a Lonely House will be released this December from Dancing Girl Press; The Love Machine will be coming out at the beginning of 2015 from Yellow Flag Press, and I have two books forthcoming from ELJ Publications: Dreams of the Living in December 2015 and Heart Full of February of 2016.

--Also, please remember that I do offer manuscript consultations at very reasonable prices--only $15 dollars an hour!

--On that note, please do consider donating to my new GoFundMe campaign. This is an awesome service that allows people to request funds from their friends and business contacts when they need it! If you would prefer, you can also go to my website and donate to me directly through my Paypal link. If you do donate, you will receive goodies from me in the mail, including copies of my books that have already been released! You can follow links to GoFundMe and my Paypal account below. I've been having some financial troubles lately, so any money you can spare would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much to everyone for your interest in me and my work, and all of your continued support!

I'll sign off for now, but please email me if you would like to chat or if you need anything from me, at


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