Thursday, October 29, 2015

Some New Publications

I am so honored to be included in a few of my favorite literary magazines!:

* First, you can find my found poem "Away Time" in the online magazine Thank You For Swallowing.

* You can also find 3 poems from my manuscript in progress The Blood Moon in the print magazine Four Chambers,

 * My poem Warning is now live at Hermeneutic Chaos. There is even be an audio recording available of my reading it!

* My found poem "As Light As Music" and "Winter's Gold" will soon be appearing in The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society.

* My poem "Archive of the Ruin" is in the December issue of Rogue Agent.

* My poem "The Sentinels Are Waiting" is published in After the Pause.

* "My Cat Eye Blazes" is in the inaugural issue of MockingHeart Review

P. S. I will have some more good news to share with you soon: Dreams of the Living, my first full-length book, from ELJ Publications, is almost ready to be born into the world!

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